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Water & Waste Water Department

Water & Waste Water Department

The Water & Waste Water Department has 3 full time employees, and also shares personnel with the Gas Department.  City of Belleville customers receive their water from two pumps, approximately 13 miles north of Belleville.  The Water Distribution Department is in charge of general repair and maintenance of over 42 miles of mains and 1,350 customer  meters.  The Department also maintains the main pump house, a 500,000 gallon water tower, a 500,000 gallon clearwell and 127 fire hydrants.  The   water department also has an on-call employee 24 hours a day in case of emergencies or water line breaks.

The Belleville Waste Water Department cleans and repairs sewer lines, inspects and maintains sewer lift stations and respond to customer requests for sewer checks.

You may reach the Gas, Water & Waste Water at 785.527.5663

Click here for water & waste water rates. 

Water & Waste Water Department
1204 9th Street
Belleville, KS 66935

Phone: 785.527.5663