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Belleville Cemetery

The Belleville Cemetery is located on the west side of Belleville, along Highway 81.  The Cemetery is maintained by the City of Belleville Street Department.  Cemetery records are kept at the City Office.

A register listing names of all those buried at the Belleville City Cemetery is located at the main entrance of the cemetery, and also below.  More detailed cemetery records will be online in the future.  Corrections to the cemetery register should be make to City Clerk Russell Piroutek at the Belleville City Office.  Both registers are updated yearly, prior to Memorial Day.

Cemetery lots are sold in full lots, with eight burial positions, half lots, with four burial positions and quarter lots, with two burial positions.  Single burial positions can also be purchased, but they are limited to certain lots in the cemetery.  The cost of burial lots are $150 per position.

To purchase lots at the Belleville City Cemetery or for more information regarding the Cemetery, contact the City Clerk at the City Office at 785.527.2288.


Listing of Names of Individuals Buried at the Belleville City Cemetery.

1670 Nickel Road
Belleville, KS 66935

Information: 785.527.2288