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Municipal Court

The Belleville Municipal Court has jurisdiction of violations of city code and ordinances for traffic cases, parking violations, nuisance codes and other certain criminal misdemeanors.  Municipal Judge Scott Condray presides over Belleville Municipal Court.  The Court system also employees a part time Court Clerk.  Court is normally the fourth Monday of the month, at 4:00 pm, at the Belleville City Council Room.

For questions regarding a ticket, a case or municipal court, call Court Clerk Tiffiny Sasser at 785.527.2288.

To make a payment to Municipal court, you may pay at the Belleville City Office, or by mail to P.O. Box 280, Belleville Kansas 66935.

If you wish to file a continuace for your court date, please click here  to download the request form.  ALL REQUESTS FOR COURT DATE CONTINUANCE MUST BE RECEIVED 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE COURT DATE.


1819 L Street
Belleville, KS 66935

Phone: 785.527.2288