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About Us

Belleville is the county seat of Republic [RP] county, Kansas and the Belleville Main Street downtown area is built around the Republic County Courthouse square which is the center attraction for several events during the year.

Shop around our courthouse square. Go to a race at the Belleville Highbanks Racetrack the “World’s Fastest Half Mile Dirt Track” and home of the Belleville Midget Nationals. Catch a movie at the historic Blair Theatre,  see Belleville's racing history at the Highbanks Hall of Fame, or Republic County Historical Museum. Look for unique architecture. View our motels for somewhere to stay. Need more information, stop by Belleville’s Kansas Tourist Information Center on U.S. Highway 81. Or join our tourism Facebook page! Stay a day or a lifetime – we are worth the trip!

Belleville can be a great place to live and raise your family! Short commutes, friendly people, a low cost of living. Belleville provides safety for your kids with a great school system. Couple that with our historic Blair Theater to watch movies, our cool swimming pool for a swim, and our renovated City Park – you have recreation opportunities too. Use our Republic County Neighborhood Revitalization program to build your dream home and new business, while getting some property tax back on qualifying projects. For more information pertaining to new residents contact the Belleville City Office, Real Estate. For business assistance contact Republic County Economic Development.


The City Office hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  The phone number is 527-2288.  For service needed after normal business hours, please call 527-5655.  For emergency assistance please dial 9-1-1.

Belleville/Republic County Phone Numbers of Interest

527-2288          City Office

527-7167          City Swimming Pool

527-5305          Belleville Public Library

527-5655          Emergency Dispatch

527-2254          Republic County Hospital

527-2244          The Belleville Telescope (newspaper)

527-2266          KREP, KR 92 (radio)

To learn more about Belleville's beginnings, please click here