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Permits & Licenses

Dog Tags-
A city dog tag is required for all dogs.  A current rabies vaccination certificate needs to be presented at the City Office to receive the tag.  Dog tags are annual tags and expire on December 31st.  The cost of the tag is $5.00.  An application for each dog will need to be filled out.  Applications may be picked up at the City Office, or click here to print out an application and bring it with payment to the City Office at your convenience.

Building Permits-
If a property owner wishes to erect any structure on their property, they will need a building permit prior to construction.  This includes but is not limited to house additions, garages, carports, storage buildings, decks and patios.  Paperwork will need to be picked up at the City Office so a drawing of the property can be made.  Items the City Office will need on the drawing will be lot size and dimension, other structures on the property and their dimensions, where the new structure is going to be placed, and the distance from the property lines to the new construction.  The cost of a building permit is $25.00.

The City does not require a building permit for fences.  However, since there are certain regulations when building a fence, a sketch showing where the fence will be located on the property should be submitted to the City Office.

Remember to call DIG SAFE at 811 or 800-344-7233 before you dig.

 ATV & Golf Cart Permits-
Any ATV, Mule, MUTZ or golf cart is required to have a  permit to be driven on City streets.  To obtain a permit from the City Office, you must bring proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license.  The cost is $21 per calendar year.

Cereal Malt Beverage License-
Individuals, businesses or organizations who wish to sell cereal Malt Beverages within the City Limits of Belleville, must first submit an application to the City.  Applications can be down loaded at   Applications must be submitted to the City Office 10 days prior to the next regular council meeting for approval.  Cost of a Cereal Malt Beverage License is $125.00 for Consumption on premises, or $75.00 for sale in original package.  Once the Belleville City Council has approved the application, licenses will be delivered to the properties.  Licenses are renewed each calendar year.

Occupational Licenses-
Occupational Licenses are required for certain trades to be performed within the City of Belleville.  Each license expires December 31st, and is valid for a calendar year.

  • Electricians License                                $25.00
  • Plumbers License                                    $25.00
  • Roofers License                                       $25.00
  • HVAC                                                       $25.00
  • Tree Trimmers License                            $25.00 (Requires proof of liability insurance)