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Level Pay Program

Level Pay Program (LPP)

The City of Belleville offers a Level Pay Program (LPP) for utility billing. Enrollment in this program allows utility customers to pay a set amount each month regardless of the actual charges incurred during the month. The LPP is not a discount program; no savings or lower rates are involved.

The set amount varies from customer to customer, and is figured by taking the previous 12 months’ billing totals, dividing by 11, and rounding up to the nearest full $10 amount. This allows the customer to build a credit (cushion) for the high use months.

Why enroll in the Level Pay Program (LPP)?

• This program allows you to budget your utility expenses more accurately without being concerned about extremes in the weather impacting your bill.
• Allows those customers on a fixed income to be better prepared to pay their utility bills.

How does a customer get on the Level Pay Program (LPP)?

• The Level Pay Program is available to anyone who: has utility service with the City of Belleville, has no outstanding arrears due on his/her account and has a record of 12 months of service.
• It costs nothing to enroll. Your participation is strictly voluntary.
• Customers may enroll in the LPP by meeting all requirements and submitting a signed agreement to the City Office.
• We recommend that customers start in April or May when the utility bills are typically lower, allowing time to establish a credit to help carry them through the higher months bills.

Level Pay Program Rules

• Your participation in the Level Pay Program is strictly voluntary and can be terminated at any time.
• The LPP is based an a 12 month billing history.
• To keep your account accurate, we continue to read your meter and report your actual usage. This amount will be reflected on your bill each month along with your Level Pay amount.
• The Level Pay amount must be paid on or before the 15th of the month as these accounts are not assessed a penalty fee.
• Failure to pay on or before the 15th of each month may cause a customer to be removed from the LPP.
• Customers cannot carry a balance higher than $200.
• Every spring your Level Pay amount will be reviewed, and if necessary, adjusted to reflect a change in usage. If your credit balance is equal to or greater than your new Level Pay amount, there would be no payment due. However, if you have a debit balance, you will be required to pay the actual amount due on you utility bill.

For more information on the Levelized Pay Program, contact the City Office at 785.527.2288.