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Electric Department

The Electric Distribution Department is headed by Electric Services Director Brian McCartney, and employs four additional linemen.  City of Belleville lineman are thoroughly trained in a four year journeyman lineman program.  The crew operates and maintains over 23 miles of overhead and underground power lines.  The department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the existing system, along with new construction within the distribution system, reading meters and repairing street lights.

If you have an electrical emergency or a power outage during business hours, please contact the Electric Department at 785.527.5880 or the City Office at 785.527.2288.

If you have an electric emergency outside normal business hours, please call Republic County Communications at 785.527.5655.

To report a street light out, contact the City Office at 785.527.2288.

You may reach the Electric Department at 785.527.5880.

Click here for electricity rates. 

Rate Reduction

A new commercial business that is expanding, which is serviced by the City of Belleville may receive a one cent per kilo-watt reduction from its current commercial rate for a period of one year.  In order to receive this reduction, certain criteria must be met, and a written application approved by the City Council.

Electric Upgrade Cost Reduction

If an existing or new business is requiring an upgrade on the size of electric service the have, the City of Belleville will pay up to $10,000 to help in the cost of the upgrade.  This money will help pay for the poles, transformers, wires and metering the city will need for the upgraded service.  The business owner will still need to hire an electrician to complete the customer side of the service.  Again, other criteria must be met to receive this incentive.

For more information on either of these incentives for Belleville businesses, please contact the City Office at 785.527.2288.

1204 9th Street
Belleville, KS 66935

Phone: 785.527.5880