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The City of Belleville has a City Council, Mayor, and City Manager form of government. The community recently switched from a ward voting system to an at large for council members. They are chosen for two year alternating terms. The Mayor is chosen at large from the community for a two-year term and presides at the council meeting. The city manager is hired to oversee the operations of the city and serves the citizens and council members.

We invite everyone to attend our council meetings which are held the 2nd Monday and 4th Monday of each month at the City Hall, 1819 “L” Street, at 7:00 PM.; our “Council Agenda” is online. For citizens whom wish to speak during the “Public Comment” time at council meetings, there is a signup sheet available at the City Office to get your name on the list. The signup sheet is available during normal working hours, and up until 7:00 on meeting nights.

The City Manager and staff work to ensure that the city’s needs are met in an efficient and effective manner.  The City office serves the citizens by providing a range of services that include billing and collection for electric, gas, sewer and waste water utilities, maintaining accounts payable and receivable, city payroll and other financial accounting, registration for animals, permits and licenses, liquor licensing and other general administration for the City of Belleville.  Along with the City Manager, the City office employs the City Clerk, City Treasurer and Utility/Payroll Clerk.  


Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson joined the City of Belleville after accepting the position of City Manager and moving to Belleville from Utah.  Adam is responsible for the day to day operations of the city. The position of the City Manager is appointed by the City Council. Other duties the City Manager performs include implementing policies established by the City Council, recommending and administering the City’s annual budget, overseeing departmental operations and all personnel matters within the City.


Russell Piroutek

Russell Piroutek has held the position of City Clerk since 2006. Russ is responsible for overseeing accounts payable, issuing permits and licenses, recording and maintaining minutes of City Council Meetings and maintains Belleville Cemetery records. Russ also serves as the Enforcing Officer for the City of Belleville. 

Contact Information

Belleville City Office
1819 L Street
Belleville, KS 66935

(p) 785-527-2288
(f) 785-527-2334

City office hours are Mon - Fri 8am-5pm
(after normal business hours, call 527-5655)


City Manager - Adam Anderson

(p) 785-527-2288


City Clerk - Russell Piroutek

(p) 785-527-2288


City Attorney - Andy Lohman

Phone: 785-562-2375


City Council


Adam Robertson

Council Members

James Doyle
Mike Nondorf
Pam McGregor
Doane Sells
Mike Palmquist
Nick Cox