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Belleville Cold Weather Rule

The Belleville City Council approved a policy for disconnection of utilities for non-payment during the winter months.  This policy states that the City will not disconnect the utilities if the temperature is below 32 degrees at the time of disconnection.  The City will proceed with disconnection once the temperature reaches 32 degrees on the day of shut-offs.  If the weather is forecast to be below 32 degrees for the foreseeable future a door knocker will be placed at the property scheduled for disconnection, stating that the utilities will be disconnected once the temperature reaches 32 degrees or higher, unless the customer pays the entire amount that is past due, or contacts the Belleville City Office to make an extension to pay the outstanding bill. 

Disconnection of utilities for nonpayment is the 28th of the month.  If the 28th falls on a Friday or the weekend, no disconnections will be made until the following Tuesday, giving the customers an opportunity to pay on Monday. 

The City encourages customers to contact the City Office prior to the disconnect date if they are having difficulty or foresee themselves having difficulty paying their utility bill help avoid a disconnection.

Approved by the Belleville City Council on November 13th, 2018.